8 Reasons Why EyeEm Is Worth It Even For A Simple Photography Amateur

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I discovered EyeEm in Autumn 2015 and decided to give it a try right away. And although I had NO KNOWLEDGE whatsoever about photography, I thought it could be worth my time since the process was really easy!

So, is EyeEm worth your time? If you enjoy photography, even just as an amateur, it will DEFINITELY be worth your time. You can earn proper money with your hobby and improve your photography skills. You simply have to upload your pictures. Including the ones you believe are of bad quality. And let EyeEm do the rest. EyeEm also guides you towards new trends, so that you can make photos that SELL. 

Now, let’s dive more into the 6 reasons why I would recommend you give EyeEm a try if you enjoy photography… 6 reasons why EyeEm Stock Photography is worth it

1. You Can Earn Real Money, Even If You Don’t Know A Thing About Photography

When I started with EyeEm, I was very sceptical. I was fairly confident that GOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS would probably end up making money with this App.

But I just was DOUBTING A TOTAL BEGINNER like me would ever get a cent out of it. EyeEm quickly proved me wrong. I spent some time filtering through all of my pictures.

And I uploaded almost everything I thought was OK to upload. And I started playing around a bit more with the camera and uploaded everything. All my shots.

Even the ones that were really not good. 3 months in, I sold my first photo via EyeEm. If you want, you can read more about my personal experience, how much I earned and which pictures were most successful here.

2. You Don’t Have To Worry About Legal Issues

In the beginning, I worried about which pictures I was allowed to sell or not. I started reading about the different TYPES of LICENSES but it seemed rather complex.

Luckily, I figured out that EyeEm does all the work for you. The only thing that is important is for you to upload pictures that YOU MADE ON YOUR OWN, meaning that you own the rights to them.

Once you uploaded them, you have the option to put them for sale or not on EyeEm. That’s it! If you are up for it, EyeEm will filter the pictures for you and sell them in the right category…

3. You Can Get Inspired From High-Quality Photo Selections

This is one part that I like a lot about EyeEm. The community of professional and amateur photographers is HUGE. And the QUALITY of pictures that get selected and featured is AMAZING.

It’s very inspiring to see what ideas other photographers come up with. And how EyeEm newbies get featured for their great work. When I started using the App, I felt like it was an improved version of Instagram, rather tailored to photography lovers. 6 reasons why EyeEm Stock Photography is worth it

4. You Get Tips To Improve Your Photography

EyeEm’s team does great work at providing photographers with tips to improve their photography or get the most out of their device and surroundings. As such, EyeEm’s blog is a great resource, and I would suggest you spend time reading their quality content to make progress.

5. EyeEm Guides You Into New Trends That Sell

For those of you who really want to make money with stock photography, EyeEm keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends. This way, you will be able to see which pictures have been selling every month. Some blog posts will be guiding you with tips and information on what sells most.

6. You Can Win Prizes

EyeEm always has some CHALLENGES, which they call “Missions” going on. You can win a prize while at the same time getting an indication of what companies or newspapers are looking for. Prizes include:

  • getting great exposure when your pictures get exhibited at a major event. At the moment, for instance, there is a mission with which you can be exhibited at the Berlin Photoweek and Printed in a German daily newspaper.
  • being featured in the premium collections, thereby increasing your chances of selling your photos.
  • winning a press pass to major festivals or events (e.g. this September for Lollapalooza, a very famous festival in Berlin).
  • and winning a product (currently a Nintendo Switch for the “Gaming Culture” mission).

Brands such as Motorola, Mercedes-Benz, The Huffington Post have been posting missions and giving away prizes.

7. Your Best Pictures Get On Getty Images

EyeEm also does a great job at filtering your pictures and selecting the best ones to be posted on Getty Images. Getty Images is a well-known and high-reputation stock photography for selling your pictures. 6 reasons why EyeEm Stock Photography is worth it

8. It’s As Easy As Using Instagram

What I really liked about EyeEm was that it felt like using Instagram, only with a focus on higher quality content driven by a great community of professional and amateur photographers. No headache to sell your photography, and additionally, you get the perks of having a social network. It energizes you, gives you inspiration and motivation.

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