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Simplicity for Freedom Founder Anja

Hey there and welcome! Wow, you want to get to know me and I’m really excited about it! Here we go…

…Who Runs How To Make It Happen?

My name is Anja. I have always been pretty anxious by nature. As far as I can remember, my dream as a child was to become as calm and relaxed as my father in stressful situations.

Despite my anxious nature, I picked pretty ambitious career goals. And they have definitely put me under high pressure.

I have experienced PANIC ATTACKS and AGORAPHOBIA first hand. Luckily, I found a way out through mindfulness and meditation extremely quickly. So much so that it seemed miraculous to me!

But that was not the end of it. A few years later, I experienced a high-pressure environment when working in financial advisory. I started being sick more and more often. My body just wasn’t coping so well with both the lack of purpose of my work and the long hours. After almost 3 years of work there, I ended up in the hospital and that is when I decided to QUIT…

I took a sabbatical and my health seemed to be fully back on track. So I made my first attempt to build a business on my own.

I was so happy that I did not feel like I was under pressure or stress. But I started having strange belly pains and after a few months, landed in the hospital due to an extreme eruption of shingles.

Back then, I just did NOT BELIEVE that this could be caused by stress.


It took me a lot of work to learn to know myself better, to feel more self-confident, to block out external and internal causes of stress in order to feel lighter and more relaxed in my life. And it is not over yet. I am constantly learning and readjusting my habits and behaviour, to make sure that MY (mental and physical) HEALTH IS NEVER AT STAKE.

Why Start How To Make It Happen?

I have always believed that sharing personal experiences, solutions and ideas to progress is essential for a well-functioning society. I want US TO BECOME HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, BETTER TOGETHER.

And for this to happen, I believe we first need to have a “clear head”.

But, you’ve guessed it, this is easier said than done…

We now live in a world where the entire economy focuses on getting and monetising people’s attention and personal data.

No wonder we feel stressed and overwhelmed most of the time!

I have come a long way, but I still intend to go further. This blog is for me to share my past wins, current projects and dreams with you. At the same time, HMH is a great incentive for me to keep learning. That way, I will share whatever new and good ideas are out there to Make [All The Things You Want] Happen. One step at a time, with focus and self-care.

Mission and Principles

I intend to help you feel lighter, happier, FREER.

#1 All is ONE and ONE is All

To live a simpler yet more fulfilling life is multidimensional. It will probably take some time to get where you want. But this is OK. Our current lives are quite complex. Otherwise, we would not feel so overwhelmed all the time.

Possessions, surroundings, environment, electronics, food, body, relationships. They all can be part of the solution (or problem) for you. Simplifying and focusing is probably one of the first steps that will help you out.

#2 One Step at a Time

It may be tempting to jump all in and try to revolutionise all aspects of your life at once.

While it certainly makes sense to use this momentum, you should also prepare for setbacks and relapses. Those are part of the process.

Taking one step at a time is most recommended. If you are doing one challenge or one programme, just stick with that one until it sinks in.

#3 Focus on Your Progress

We are all pretty good at bringing ourselves down. We forget our past achievements, because we only see what we are currently failing at.

Please, stop doing this. Right now.

Focusing on your past and current progress will help you go further,  quicker and better.

If you feel like you are having a relapse, ask yourself: how often was I relapsing before? Is there any progress?

Make it your strength to always see the good side of any situation.

#4 Practise Self-Compassion

Be kind to yourself and show self-compassion. You are NOT ALONE.

This is the way I want you to move forward. With a kind and loving voice from within that nicely pushes you forward, instead of setting you back.

Still want to get to know me a little bit better? A few facts about me:

  • I’m an early morning person, I love the quiet mornings and feel sad when I miss out on them.
  • But… I also LOVE siestas! They are just the best, especially on a rainy day.
  • I used to be super sporty: I ran a full-distance marathon in 4h08 and participated in a few Olympic or sprint distance triathlons. My knees suffered. I’ve been doing very little the past 2-3 years but I intend to get back on the sports track.
  • I love learning languages. Currently learning Mandarin Chinese and preparing for HSK4, just for fun, it’s a hobby!
  • I’m an eternal OPTIMIST. NOTHING can’t be solved, be it outside or inside yourself.
  • I love numbers, excel, and budgeting.
  • I believe in the power of a healthy diet for a fulfilling life FULL OF ENERGY. I’ve discovered Wildfit and want to stay on this way of living (or anything better) forever. Because I want to outrun my grandchildren if I ever have any.
  • I’m 32. I look forward to ageing, as my life only seems to get better and better.
  • I think I will easily live up to 110+ years in great health and shape. And I believe chances are high you will, too.

Other Projects I am Involved In

I am collaborating with my dear friend Felipe (website: reartezar.com.br) in the area of recycled arts and sustainability. I very much hope to be able to help him live the life we both dream of while having a positive impact on this world.

Besides howtomakeithappen.com, I am also involved in the project Privacy by Blockchain Design and I help my partner develop his website crowfall.crusaderw.com.

Looking forward to having you on this journey with me.

Peace of I,


Founder of howtomakeithappen.com