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  • Healing Psoriasis [Day1]: This is the Plan
    This is the first video of my healing psoriasis self experiment. Today is the 1st of January 2021 and I’m gonna do a challenge where I switch my diet completely.
  • Healing Psoriasis: Magic Psoriasis Tea
    In this article I want to tell what Tea I am drinking in order to help with the Symptoms of my Psoriasis. First of all this is not medical advice,
  • Meditation Saved Me From Anxiety
    Today I do want to talk about quite a serious topic for me – my panic attacks and agoraphobia and how I managed to almost instantly cure them thanks to
  • How To Stop Watching The News: A Step-By-Step Guide
    Most of us feel overwhelmed by all the information we get exposed to on a daily basis, be it consciously or subconsciously. The current information overload makes it all the
  • Changing Habits One At A Time: The Complete Guide
    Changing habits sounds so simple yet there is a whole science to it, literally. Although we’d all love to change all of our habits at once, we often hear that
  • What is a Bullet Journal Key?
    Bullet journals have become increasingly popular, as have different methods of the practice. If you want to keep your self motivated and staying on task, then using a bullet journal
  • 15 Financial Habits For Students Who Want To Retire Early
    Many students take on incredibly huge loans to finance their education. They are unaware of common financial traps such as credit card debt with its high-interest rates. All of this
  • Is Working From Home Healthy?
    More people are working from home these days than ever before. Even positions that have traditionally been onsite occupations have found a way to work-from-home. As many companies are making
  • 30 Habits Of Healthy And Happy Couples
    Until I was 30, I believed that a happy and healthy couple was JUST MADE OUT OF PURE LOVE. I thought that love at first sight could lead to eternal