Can a Bullet Journal Be Digital?

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Bullet journals are journals used to plan projects and tasks in a simple manner. They can be paper journals or digital journals.

Bullet journals can be digitized to fit your needs and convenience. Unlike paper bullet journals, a digital one is far more versatile. You will need to choose a platform to create your bullet journal on an existing app that meets your specific needs.

There are many different types of digital bullet journals, but they all serve the purpose of helping you manage your time. Read on to learn about what a digital bullet journal is and why some prefer it over a physical bullet journal.

What Is a Digital Bullet Journal?

Can a Bullet Journal Be Digital?

A digital bullet journal is not too different from a paper bullet journal. Just like a paper bullet journal, a digital bullet journal allows you to plan your tasks, thoughts, or priorities in one space. 

This is done through sections of logs, notes, schedule planners, priority lists, and other management tools. Both journals give you full control over how you want to organize them and exist for the sole purpose of helping you be more productive.

So, what makes a digital bullet journal special? The biggest difference between them is that a digital bullet journal is solely online. Below are some of the main components that make a digital bullet journal better than a paper bullet journal.

A Digital Bullet Journal Requires Fewer Materials

When using a paper bullet journal, you’ll need additional resources. You will need writing tools such as pencils, markers, or pens to write entries in your journal. You may also need optional stationery such as sticky notes, notebooks, highlighters, and other items to help sort out the information in your bullet journal. In short, you need to buy additional items to use it well.

A digital bullet journal will not give you that kind of problem. With a digital bullet journal, all of your tools are stored online. You’ll need to use a keyboard to type in information on some journals, but others allow you to write using a stylus or your finger.

A Digital Bullet Journal Is Convenient

With a paper bullet journal, you have to keep track of everything. If you use more than one journal, you have to find ways to keep them all organized. Carrying around multiple journals can be a huge hassle, and it is easy to lose one if you are not careful. If you lose your bullet journals, unless you made copies of everything you wrote, you will have to redo those plans from scratch.

With a digital bullet journal, you will not have that problem. Digital bullet journals back up your information on a cloud or online server, so there is no need to worry about losing any of your information. If you have a computer, a phone, or a tablet, you can access your digital bullet journal anywhere at any time. You can forget about sticky notes, bookmarks, and highlighters as most digital bullet journals have online tools you can use to make those special notes yourself.

Best of all, a digital bullet journal has unlimited storage (although, with some apps, you may have to pay for the extra space). This means you will no longer have to spend money on buying extra journals because you cannot run out of space.

A Digital Bullet Journal Has Easier Access

With a paper bullet journal, it is harder to share your plans with others. If you are working with teammates, everyone has to be around you to be able to see it. Alternatively, you can photocopy your pages or take snapshots with your phone and share the bullet journal that way. 

However, that can be time-consuming. In contrast, you can easily share the content you store on your digital journal in most apps. You can give teammates password access to your journal, or you can simply email or text the selected information to them.

This is what makes digital journals excellent tools for group projects. With a digital bullet journal, you can send it over to other members in your group, collaborate on the information in the digital bullet journal, and then proceed from there. No more photocopying pages to share or converting paper information to a digitized format.

Finding a Digital Bullet Journal That Is Just Right for You

There are many digital bullet journaling apps out there, and each one comes with its own features. Whether you want to use an app or create a digital journal of your own, it is important to find one that works best for you, so that you are inclined to use it every day.

Some digital bullet journals use templates that do not work well for everyone based on their project types, needs, or professions. One option is to try a digital bullet journal app with customizable features. Many digital bullet journal apps vary in the degree that they allow you to perform customization. Most digital journal programs come with a large variety of templates that you browse through and pick out. 

You can create different logs, change the colors, customize the format, backup your work, and upload it to other devices.

Other apps allow for deeper user customization.

For example, the Elisi app is an online digital bullet journaling system. The Elisi app comes with pre-made templates, a habit tracker to write down repeating information, an easy updating interface so you can make changes quickly and easily, and a nice reward system to motivate you and track your completed tasks. If you are not sure you want to download it, the Elisi App has a trial mode that you can try out.

GoodNotes is a digital bullet journal for Apple devices. This journaling app is designed to look and feel like a paper journal but in a digital format. With GoodNotes, you can import your own templates, write or draw your notes in by hand if you want, and create backup files, so you never lose your work. If you have other Apple devices, you can sync them up with GoodNotes, and work on your notes on any device.

If pre-made apps do not satisfy you, you can still create a bullet journal by yourself. Microsoft office has bullet journal templates that you can view here. These templates are not as robust as standalone apps, but how far you customize them is limited only by your imagination. Jennifer, owner of the Life is Messy and Brilliant blog, has a tutorial page on how to create your own digital bullet journals.


A bullet journal does not have to be paper-based; it can be digital. Digital bullet journals are journals that can be accessed on a device and do not require the same tools and materials needed to maintain a paper one. You can install a digital bullet journal app or create one of your own. Some of the topics covered in this article are:

A digital bullet journal…

  • requires fewer resources to use and carry because everything is online.
  • is more convenient because you can access them anywhere across multiple devices.
  • provides easier access to online materials, formats, and backup protection, so you never have to worry about losing anything.

A digital bullet journal has many perks that a regular bullet journal does not have. If you are tired of lugging around books and pens, give digital bullet journaling a try.


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