Healing Psoriasis [Day1]: This is the Plan

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This is the first video of my healing psoriasis self experiment. Today is the 1st of January 2021 and I’m gonna do a challenge where I switch my diet completely. I’m gonna give you a short wrap up of what I’m gonna do and this next year I’m gonna record one video every day where I’m gonna take you with me on my journey where I’m healing my psoriasis or I’m gonna fail at it after a year. But I think I’m gonna have a good experience.
I’m basically gonna leave out alcohol.
I’m gonna drink no caffeine.
I’m gonna eat no meat.
I’m basically gonna live vegan and I’m gonna have long phases where I leave out most carbohydrates. This is the the general rule that I’m gonna
follow. I don’t wanna eat any stuff that is going to make my body acidic because I looked into research a lot last year and what I found is that if you are having too much acidic food in your body your body can’t cope with this over several little several years or several generations and since this
has been the case for me you see it up here (in the video below) the red stripes on my forehead.
If you don’t know what psoriasis is: It’s a skin condition and you can also have it in the joints. If you look at my knees (also in the video below) you can see that that the right knee here is far more swollen than the other one. The right one is really, really thick and this is also due to the psoriasis
it’s in chronical arthritis and basically this and the stuff on my skin.
I wanna get rid of it so I’m gonna change my diet and I’m gonna do this for a whole year and you can join me on this journey. When I’m successful I’m gonna make a bit more planned and um structured videos and blog posts here on HowToMakeItHappen.com. I’m also gonna tell you how I did it and even though this is no medical advice because I’m not a doctor but I’m a scientist by heart and a truth seeker. I wanna know the truth and I wanna figure out what helps against Psoriasis and I wanna help other people without having already a monetization strategy in the back of my mind. So I just want to help the world to heal and this includes you if you have the same problem. I think it’s best to do this in an authentic way and so I’m starting this video and blog series today.
I’ll try to make one video every day so if you already found me while I’m doing this challenge you can join me on this experiment and once I have proof that it worked I still have this documentary of this one years journey, where I can say: look here it shows that I healed my Psoriasis and so this is my first day and I’m looking forward to see you tomorrow.

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