Healing Psoriasis: Magic Psoriasis Tea

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In this article I want to tell what Tea I am drinking in order to help with the Symptoms of my Psoriasis.

First of all this is not medical advice, just my experiences and my attempt to heal psoriasis myself, since classical medicine wasn’t able to heal my psoriasis. The only thing that managed to suppress the symptoms was Doxycycline, which made me feel like I’m slowly dying.

So I started drinking this Tea on the January 9th 2021 and am doing a Video Diary on my Healing Psoriasis Journey. Feel free to check it out and leave comments if you are interested.

I will keep you posted on my results with the Tea and the diet that I switched to in order to heal my psoriasis this year.

These are the Herbs you should use to make the Tea

  • 10g oak bark
  • 50g nettle
  • 20g fumitory
  • 20g yarrow
  • 30g celandine
  • 40g meadowsweet
  • 20g calendula
  • 30g willow bark
  • 30g speedwell
  • 20g walnut husk.


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