How To Improve Your Skin Complexion By Eating The Right Foods

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For as long as I can remember, since being a teenager, I have always envied people who happen to have beautiful, smooth skin complexion. My skin has always been trouble. Starting with quite a lot of acne, which improved when I started taking the pill. But I still had imperfections quite often. Shortly after I turned 30, another problem added up.

My skin became greyer. And I started noticing wrinkles forming very quickly. Back then, I was convinced that this was just THE WAY IT WAS. That having a flawless skin complexion was purely a matter of good genes. And that it was normal to experience such a drastic DECLINE after hitting 30.

BUT since then, my experiences both with FASTING and the Wildfit 90-Day Challenge have proven me wrong. The decline will surely happen, but it does not have to be so sudden and fast!

How to Improve Your Skin Complexity with the right foods
How to Improve Your Skin Complexity with the right foods

My First Amazing Results With My Fasting Experience

In February 2018, I had my first longer fasting experience. My boyfriend had already tried fasting and was convinced that it was great for both body and mind. So, we did WATER FASTING for about 6 days. I was surprised how easy it turned out to be for me.

Most probably I was helped by the fact that I was practising intermittent fasting regularly, and fasted for up to 36 hours sometimes during the week.

Only passed the 5th day of fasting did I start feeling bad, and slightly depressed due to the very monotone tea and water alternatives. Which is why I decided to stop the water fast on the 6th day. I also would recommend you check in with your doctor before trying out water fasting. Back then, I remember feeling very surprised by the results, especially when it comes to my skin:

1. It got a great colour again.

No more grey. Back to a more rosé tone, looking more alive and healthier.

2. Imperfections started disappearing.

After just 2 or 3 days fasting, my skin started clearing up!

3. My cellulite was drastically reduced

That is one very nice side-effect that I was not expecting at all! But as you may know, water fasting is of course definitely not a sustainable way of keeping your skin to its best in the long run…!

How The Wildfit 90-Day Challenge “WOW-ed” Me!

One year later, I started the Wildfit 90-Day Challenge. I did not know what to expect, but I certainly was hoping for changes to happen. This time, most probably because I was able to change my diet for a couple of weeks (compared to just 6 days with the water fast), the effects on my skin were absolutely AMAZING. I had the same results as with the water fast, only BETTER. My skin got great colour again. My imperfections disappeared to a level I had NEVER BEFORE experienced in my life (since I started having them as a teenager)! Normally, I would always have a fair amount of smaller imperfections remaining. They were GONE! And the pores in my skin seemed smaller! Then, there were, of course, a lot of other really great side-effects. Amongst others, I experienced a much higher level of energy. I was not feeling tired in the afternoon anymore. I needed less sleep. And I lost body fat… I have written a more detailed and honest review of the Wildfit 90-Day Challenge, in case you are interested, feel free to read it in my other blog post here.

Which Combination Of Foods Got Me There?

What was I eating for weeks when my skin got so great? Here are the main elements that my diet contained:

1. A TON of LEAFY GREENS, as well as bitter and non-sweet vegetables.

I now understand why most healthy diets recommend including a bigger quantity of leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, salad… Paying attention to how my body reacts, I noticed that everything seems to work smoother when I add a fair amount of them into my daily consumption. And I mean at least 300 to 400 grams. A mini green salad bowl won’t do for me. I used to have strange pains associated with my food intake for years. Now, I know that I can make them go away with a big salad!

2. Healthy ANIMAL Proteins, excluding milk products.

Organic, lean meat would be the first choice when possible.

3. Nuts and Healthy Oils.

Normally you should consume only reasonable amounts of them. Though I have to admit that I had developed a strong craving for nuts, and hence was binging on them quite often.

Foods That Definitely Worsen My Skin Complexion:

During this phase which appeared to be miraculous for my skin, a lot of foods were OUT OF MY DIET. I am now personally convinced that the following foods do impact my skin negatively when consumed regularly or in larger quantities:

How to Improve Your Skin Complexity with the right foods
Stay Away From Sugar To Have A Great Skin

1. REFINED SUGAR, and any alternatives to it.

It is quite clear that my skin imperfections start coming back as soon as I hit the sugar button again.

2. ALCOHOL, which basically also contains sugar.

Same story with alcohol, I can clearly see the change on my skin after a weekend with friends and family.


Very often we just don’t know what they are when watching on the ingredients’ list. I have learned to stay away from products that have more than 2 or 3 words I do not understand in their ingredients’ list.

4. Potentially also not great for my skin: too many FRUITS and GRAINS

The reason why I suspect GRAINS and FRUITS is that I have been on many diets suggested by doctors for the last couple of years. One of them involved quitting SUGAR completely for 3 months. This diet excluded WHEAT and dried fruits or juices. It also excluded very sweet fruits such as bananas. However, even after 3 months of this diet, my skin was OK but I had not seen the dramatic improvements mentioned above. I remember eating 2-3 fruits in the morning, and quite some alternative grain products, or rice and tapioca based food. However, I would keep in mind that it’s probably best to FIRST FOCUS on ADDING THE GOOD, before trying to remove the ugly. Maybe your skin will look great if you just add a big portion of leafy greens and other non-sweet vegetables to your diet. I’d recommend you try out different constellations. But also, hold it for more than just a few days. This is often not long enough to see the results!

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